Inspire India’s mission is to create challenging International standard cycle races in India with an intention of providing the Indian cyclists an opportunity to evolve into world class athletes. Inspire India manages a large variety of Local Cycle Races in Pune, and organizes Ultra Races like The Deccan Cliffhanger Ultra Race which is a RAAM Qualifier. Inspire India also manages Ultra Race participation for Ultra Races like Race Across America.

The driving force behind Inspire India is Divya Tate

Divya Tate

Divya Tate has been cycling for 25 years, commuting and touring in India and abroad. Since 2010 she has been cycling long distance endurance or ultracycling events in India, and representing India abroad.

An Inspiration to many, she strongly advocates endurance sports to people of all ages. She also enjoys travel, trekking, backpacking, wind-surfing, swimming, camping out. Professionally she has been an architect, travel writer, mosaic artist, Art Gallery owner among other things.

Divya Tate
Divya Tate

Cycling History


She has been cycling, touring, commuting, and participating in endurance events since 1992.
Since 2010 she became the first Indian woman to participate in Audax or Randonneuring events in India
She is an Ultra cyclist, India’s first woman Super Randonneur, and the first woman in India to qualify for a 1200-km ride ‘Paris Brest Paris’ in France in 2011.
The qualification involved riding 200, 300, 400 and 600 km distances within stipulated time limits, which are the same for men and women.
She came second in The Desert 500 ultra race, 500 km event in Nov 2013

Cycling Event Management History – Ecosystem Development in India

Actively Involved since 2010 in conducting cycling events
India’s National Representative to Audax Club Parisien (ACP) France, which authorizes Brevets worldwide since 2011. Overseeing all Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux conducted in India (25 cities in 2015-16) since 2011, establishing Audax India Randonneurs. The Director of the same, a Nationwide Non-profit organisation that promotes long distance Cycling in India.
Started Inspire India (a Sports Management company) in 2013, that works at Ecosystem development, of Cycling as a sport in India.
Conducted 3 RAAM Qualifiers The Deccan Cliffhanger in Feb and Nov 2014, and 7th Nov 2015 and was Race Director for The RAAM Qualifier Desert 500 3rd Edition Feb 2016
Took a team of 55 participants from India for Paris Brest Paris in 2015 and provided support to ensure that the participants have the best chance of completion.
She has Crewed and Officiated 5 times at the Race Across America and crewed at Race Across Europe and Race Around Austria with Indian and International Racers and Teams.