The Route – 4th Edition

The Route

The Race starts in Pune, the city of cycles, and finishes in Goa, on the sea shore. Set on the Deccan Plateau, the route follows the Sahyadri Range, which defines the western edge of the Deccan, finally dropping through dense forests that cover the cliffs of the Escarpment, into the Konkan as it heads to the Indian Ocean. This 4th edition route returns to the original route via Dharwad and Ramnagar, and goes through the Anshi Tiger Reserve.



The Start Venue for this edition is The Cliff Restaurant and Club, at Forest Trails Bhugaon, Paranjape Schemes (Construction) Ltd which is hosting the start of the event. From there one heads steeply downhill and then to Chandni chowk to join NH4, heading south towards Bangalore. The first climb to Katraj tunnel is followed by a flat, slight downhill until one crosses the Nira River at Shirwal at @60 km. While this stretch usually offers an opportunity to do very good time, this year there are many sections under construction and participants are cautioned that the service roads that one has to take, are in very bad condition.

The road improves after Shirwal, and climbs up Khambatki ghat, a 3.5 km ascent with a short descent on the other side. Immediately after at @85km one turns off the highway to head though Wai up Pasarni Ghat, to Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar, in the Sahyadri mountain range. Participants are cautioned again that the road between Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar has some very bad patches and intermittent potholes. After Mahabaleshwar, the route descends down to Satara by Medha ghat, to join NH4 again at @180km. Participants are warned to be very cautious on the downhill, though the road is in an ok condition there may be some scree on the curves. The surface of road after the descent till Satara, over rolling terrain is a bit rough.

The route continues south over rolling terrain with one short climb after Nippani, at @342km.  At @485km we turn off the highway to head toward the coast through Anshi forest and tiger reserve. The terrain is rolling through thick forest, with 3-4 level crossings that are preceded by bad patches of road upto 50 mts before. The rest of the road is currently in great condition, including the descent through Anmod ghat. That part of the route is spectacular, with a descent to the coastline through dense forest. After entering Goa at Molem, the route heads towards the airport, and goes along a creek before turning sharply upwards and continues towards the airport. Turning off from the Airport road towards Bogmalo, the road heads down again to end on the beach, at the finish venue for the Race which is John’s Seagull Bar n Restaurant, Bogmalo. With great beaches, fresh sea food, and most importantly… a low tax on beer, Goa is a big holiday destination and Inspire India is happy to welcome all Participants, Crew and Officials to the legendary after party… The Deccan Clifhang’ov’er!

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NoControl PointPlaceLandmarkDistanceOpen timeRQ timeInspire India time
1StartThe Cliff, Forest Trails, PuneThe Cliff0Sat 06:00:00
2CP1 - MannedMahableshwarNew Mahadev Dhaba before Venna lake119Sat 09:54:00Sat 12:38:00Sat 13:25:00
3CP 2 – Unmanned -Mandatory Check in*Yelur (before Kolhapur)Sai International Hotel270Sat 14:35:00Sat 20:35:00Sat 22:00
4CP3 - Unmanned -Mandatory Check in*Nippani (top of Tawandi ghat)Satyavati Palace, Opp Kaveri Hotel345Sat 16:56:00Sun 00:35:00Sun 2:46
5CP4 - MannedDharwad Hotel Ankita480.5Sat 21:00:00Sun 07:30:00Sun10:29
6CP5 - Unmanned -Mandatory Check in*MolemHP Petrol Pump585Sun 00:17:00Sun 13:00:00Sun 16:43:00
7FinishBogmalo BeachJohn Seagull Restaurant645Sun 2:00Sun 16:00Sun 20:00
  • The Above time limits are ONLY GUIDELINES, not hard cut-offs. For RAAM Qualification, you have to reach the Finish within the Time limits of you respective Category. Race Officials will be available at manned check points to validate Racers doing it within Inspire India Finishers timings, however if you arrive at Manned checkpoints 2 and 5, after the Race Officials have left, you will be automatically disqualified from RAAM Qualification.
  • Control Points no. 3,4 and 6 are Mandatory Check Ins. You and your crew will be given instructions on how to Check in.
  • Zero the odometer at each control point to reduce error in measurement of odometer
SOLOAgeTime - MenTime - Women
RQ - Race – 18-49 yrs32 Hrs34 Hrs
RQ - Race – over 5034 Hrs36 Hrs
Ride – Inspire India Time38 Hrs
TEAMS - 2. 3. 4 personsAgeTime – All Men, MixedTime - All Women,
18-34 yrs30 Hrs32 Hrs
35-49 yrs31 Hrs33 Hrs
over 5032 Hrs34 Hrs
 PartialRoad Name/No.CP-CPPlace NameDirectionsDescription/CautionsTotal
START0The Cliff, Forest Trails, BhugaonStart is heading steep downhill0
0.250.25Sharp left0.25
1Paud Rd.1.25BhugaonLeft turn towards Chandni Chowk1.25
5.25Paud Rd.6.5Chandni ChowkLeft onto Bridge and right immediately towards NH4 to BangalorePot Holed road!6.5
0.5NH47Chandni ChowkTurn right to merge/join NH4 to BangaloreThis turn comes before the end of the downhill, you can see the highway on your right. 7
61.5NH468.5Keep Left on NH4One way for KhambatkiUnder construction, service roads, Bad road sections 68.5
2NH470.5Khambatki GhatStart climbing ghat70.5
4NH474.5Top of GhatDescent74.5
6.5NH481Wai IntersectionKeep left, do not go over flyoverSigns for Mahabaleshwar 81
0.25Service Rd81.25Wai IntersectionTurn Right under the FlyoverHead for Wai - Mahabaleshwar81.25
10.75Wai-Surur Rd92Wai - Satara RdTurn Right for Wai92
1.25Wai-Surur Rd93.25WaiBear left93.25
0.5Wai-Surur Rd93.75WaiBear left to ST Stand93.75
0.75Wai-Panchgani Rd94.5Pasarni GhatStart climbing ghat, Narrow Rd. Keep Left at all times94.5
11Wai-Panchgani Rd105.5PanchganiGhat ends105.5
1Wai-Panchgani Rd106.5Panchgani MarketContinue rolling upwards to Mahabaleshwar106.5
CP 112.5Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar Rd119New Mahadev DhabaDhaba on left before Venna lakeThis section has patches of very bad road119
 PartialRoad Name/No.CP-CPPlace NameDirectionsDescription/CautionsTotal
3Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar Rd3Venna LakeTurn LeftCrowded area on weekends, and road is in bad shape122
0.5Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar Rd3.5Steep climb 122.5
1.25Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar Rd4.75Mahabaleshwar T junction - turn leftHead for Satara via Medha Ghat123.75
4.25Mahabaleshwar-Medha-Satara Rd9NavaliHighest Point on routeStart Descent, Gradual at first the descent gets steeper later, very little traffic, therefore more important to keep left. No one is expecting you. CAUTION – Scree on turns!!128
14Medha Marg23Ghat endsGently rolling till Satara with Kaas Plateau on your right. Road surface is not smooth142
34Medha Marg57Satara Make sure you stay on route here, Satara is extremely crowded. Do not turn rightRoad surface is not smooth176
057Shahu StadiumRoad turns slightly left towards NH4176
360SataraTurn Right onto NH4 towards Bangalore179
9.5NH469.5SataraSmall Descent, followed by low gradient climbs and descents till Kolhapur 188.5
CP282NH4151.5Sai InternationalOn leftGood Toilets, quick stop for refreshments if required.270.5
 PartialRoad Name/No.CP-CPPlace NameDirectionsDescription/CautionsTotal
32NH432KolhapurStay on Highway302.5
10NH442MIDC ShirgaonHotel Jai Hind Delux on left312.5
12NH454Enter Karnataka State324.5
11NH465Nipani BypassBear Right to stay on NH4Bypass Nipani335.5
4NH469NH4Nipani Rd joins NH4Rolling Terrain for the next 220 Km, untill the descent into the Konkan339.5
2.5NH471.5NH4Tawandi Ghat - Climb342
CP33NH474.5Top of Ghat- Satyavati PalaceOn left, Opp Kaveri Restaurant345
12NH412Sankeshwar BypassBear Right to stay on NH4357
4.5NH416.5NH4Sankeshwar Rd joins NH4361.5
43.5NH460NH4 bypasses Belgaum405
71NH4131DharwadBear left to enter Dharwad476
CP44.5Dharwad-Belgaum Rd135.5Hotel Ankita on LeftReport to Officials480.5
 PartialRoad Name/No.CP-CPPlace NameDirectionsDescription/CautionsTotal
0Dharwad-Belgaum Rd0Hotel Ankita Turn Around to head back only for .25 kms480.5
0.25Dharwad-Belgaum Rd0.25Fork in RoadTake Left Fork towards Panjim, Goa480.75
3.75Dharwad-Goa Rd4Goa-Dharwad Rd SH 34Go Under Flyover, head towards GoaRemote Forest Road sections ahead484.5
2SH 34, Dharwad-Goa Rd6Level CrossingWith this start 3-4 level crossing, each of which has a patch of very bad road, before and after486.5
20SH 34, Dharwad-Goa Rd26Bear Left to stay on SH 34506.5
5SH 34, Dharwad-Goa Rd31Bear Left to stay on SH 34Enter Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve, Expect Wildlife511.5
8.5SH 34, Dharwad-Goa Rd39.5Cross Railway line, to enter Anshi Tiger ReserveLonely stretches520
22SH 34, Dharwad-Goa Rd61.5RamnagarContinue straight, SH 34 become Panjim Belgaum Rd542
25Panjim Belgaum Rd86.5Anmod GhatDescent to Konkan Starts567
4Panjim Belgaum Rd90.5Enter Goa State14 Km Narrow, winding Mountain Road descending into the Konkan571
13Panjim Belgaum Rd103.5Mollem – Goa Border Check postGo Straight towards Ponda584
CP51Panjim Belgaum Rd104.5Mollem HP Petrol Pump on leftContinue straight towards Ponda585
 PartialRoad Name/No.CP-CPPlace NameDirectionsDescription/CautionsTotal
24.5Panjim Belgaum Rd24.5PondaLeft before Amigo Hotelthis turn comes on a downhill. Do Not go towards Ponda609.5
0.25Margao-Belgaum Bypass24.75HP petrol pump on right609.75
1.75Margao-Belgaum Bypass26.5Cross RoadGo straight611.5
3.5Margao-Belgaum Bypass30Traffic circleTurn Left - Follow sign boards to Airport615
3Margoa Ponda Rd33Traffic Circle - Follow sign boards to AirportBear left, road ascends to River Bridge618
0.5Margoa Ponda Rd33.5Big Bridge618.5
1Margoa Ponda Rd34.5T Junction - Follow sign boards to AirportTurn Right - Creek on right619.5
9.25Cortalim-Borim43.75T Junction - Velvado Churchtake left - small country road628.75
245.75NH17 Tee Junction - ToyotaTake left - HighwayBe careful at this junction - Crew may stand at intersection to guide630.75
0.75NH1746.5Big Intersection - SchneiderTake Right - Follow sign boards to AirportRelax, Change - Enjoy the ride along Mandovi River to the Indian Ocean631.5
6Vasco Airport Rd52.5Bits Pilani on right637.5
3.75Vasco Airport Rd56.25Sharp left to BogmaloEnter Panjim641.25
3.25Bogmalo Rd59.5T junctionTurn right644.5
0.5Bogmalo Rd60Bogmalo beachTurn rightEnjoy First sight of the Indian Ocean645
FINISH0.25Bogmalo Rd60.25Finish at John Seagull on left!Race Finish!CHILLLLL..... 645.25